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It’s not easy, what’s going on with me. My “powers”are stronger than I feel my body/heart/mind can handle. I’m not crazy damn it.
Every since I’ve been pregnant my dreams have went from predicting things in a sense of if I dreamed of running with new shoes on the next day I might find a pair of old shoes I had been missing and loved to straight up if I dream a long lost friend of 15 year called at 1130 am they would call at 1130 am.

We are now straight to the point
I know what’s a “dream” and what’s really going on…or going to go on….

Family,friends,lovers,pets,news,the world. It all racks my head to the point I’m at a loss right now.

I don’t want to say the things out loud cause I don’t want them to come true and jinx myself, but I know it’s gonna happen either way.

I’m blessed and cursed.

Normally when I awake after a psychic dream, I have a special feeling about what I have dreamt about; the psychic dream almost always seems to have a unique quality and sense and feel to it making it stand out from other ‘normal’ dreams, and it often remains long in my mind after I’ve woken up.